Trying really works!

Have you ever wanted to do something new? Perhaps try out a hip hop class, actually learn to bake a cheesecake, write that short story, or anything in between. Two months down the road and you still haven’t done that thing.

I know that you know your lack of doing it actually stems from fear, afraid of embarrassing yourself or failing really terribly. I’m about to blow your mind here for a second though- bare with me: did you know fear is all in your head? *mind blown* I know! Brand new information!

Take a second to really think about that, though. When you let your mind run amuck and accept every negative thought you have as true, your brain will act like the puppy it truly is. It will run rampant, tearing to shreds your favorite ideas and then sit there smiling at you, not realizing it’s self sabotaging the relationship you two have. You gotta control that little pupper and tell her you are the boss here, you hold the leash and yes, you’ll take her out on walks but you control the direction, the pace, and the destination! 

When you allow your mind to do the walking and talking for you, you’ll never get anywhere- you’ll spin in circles until you’re too dizzy to stand up. There will always be a million reasons not to do something- focus on the reasons why you should! And right before you book that class, when your mind is tugging at you and telling you not to do it- do it anyway. Less thinking, more doing. Because tomorrow is never promised! 


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