In the Age of Social Media

You probably have a social media account- you might have even ended up here on this site because of one. Even if you don’t personally have an account, you’re aware of what they are. 

During my time in my twenties, which at this point has been almost nine year (!), I’ve had a lot of fun on social media. Unfortunately hand in hand with that, I’ve lesrned many hard lessons, too. The biggest takeaway, the conclusion of it all, is one big blaring neon sign: social media makes me feel worse about myself. Why? For me, it’s been a slot machine of comparison. What are other people doing with their lives? Are they traveling more? Happier than me? More financially stable? Are they overall leading a better life, more like the one I’m striving to reach on a daily basis?

I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase before: people only show you their highlight reel on social media. They’re not going to exemplify the moments where they feel like failures. But in those moments where I post something good, where I feel happy and post about it: it certainly does feel like bragging. Don’t you wish you were here in Europe with me? Hmmm? Doesn’t it look incredible!! Don’t you wish you were doing these fun activities I’m doing? Look at me!!! 

it doesn’t feel good, it doesn’t sit right. I don’t want to make myself feel good by putting others down, and that’s what I feel like I’m doing even if it’s indirectly. My highlight reel is just that- the best moments of my life, not the days where I felt so lonely and hopeless. I dont want to contribute to someone else looking st my brightest days and wondering why hers aren’t the same. I assure you, lovely, we are both human and both feel and thus both have valid, tough days in private. 

i’m not saying I am against social media nor am I saying that I’ll be deleting my account- that’s career suicide! :) But I am saying I am striving to be more present in my experiences and make sure I’m taking photos for the memories, and not to show off to the world that my life is perfect and glamorous. I won’t reflect that lie.  


Finishing something is hard...trying is even harder.

Trying really works!