Finishing something is hard...trying is even harder.

Procrastination is quite the bitch. She just shows up announced, sits on your couch and eats all your oreos. Spills crumbs on your laptop, so now you have to dedicate some time to clean that up. Spills milk on the floor, doesn't care- knows you'll get up to tend to that matter, too. Then its 8pm and you tell her hey, why not let me sit in this chair for a little bit and do some work and she just shrugs like she doesn't care and leaves you alone for 20 minutes until your phone pings and she starts talking in your ear again. 

I'm not sure how to bar her from my home-my mind. She always has a permanent key in hand. Maybe I should make it more omfortable for her? Set up a nice coushoined spot in the corner where she can sit and wait patiently until I have time to pay her some attention. BLocking her out doesn't seem to work, maybe have her join in on the fun?

I;ll try and report back, but let me stop typing now. She's hovering over my shoulder reading this as I speak and I might not get a chance to proofread and edit before I hit publish.

It's really hard to start.

It's really hard to start.

In the Age of Social Media