5 Ways to Relax in NYC

5 Ways to Relax in NYC

NYC is an electric place, very much alive and brimming with excitement. There’s always something going on- which is cool and all, but sometimes, you just really want to relax. Here are five tried and true ways to take a figurative chill pill amongst all the noise and chaos:

1. Go for a bike ride.

Have you ever ridden a bike through a park? Have you ever done it in the middle of the busiest city in the country? It’s almost meditative when you’re just cruising, wind blowing in your hair, admiring the greenery and nature surrounding you. Head on over to my personal pick, Central Park, and get cruising. Though it is a popular tourist spot, surprisingly, there’s enough space for everyone. You might get the occasional biker asshole who’s trying to race a marathon, but he’s literally not your problem.  Go at your own pace and enjoy the ride- I bet you’ll feel like you’ve stepped outside the bubble of Manhattan, if only for just a moment.

2. Play with some puppies.

Everyone loves dogs (and by everyone, I mean all well-adjusted human beings). Whether you have a pet of your own or aren’t allowed one in your rent controlled apartment, find a local pet shop and get to petting! Many places let you hold and play with them, if you pretend you’re shopping! There’s nothing like holding a baby animal to remember that your problems are not as big as you think. Who knows, maybe you’ll fall in love! Your backup is the local dog park- pet all the pups and when someone asks you which one if yours, vaguely point in a general direction. Problem solved.

3. Sign up for a FUN class.

You know that thing you’ve always wanted to do? Well, go do it. The purpose here is to pick something lighthearted and fun-not an SEO Marketing Class. I’ve tried a pottery wheel class and let me tell you- that shit is legit. Lots of dough slapping does the soul some good. Pick something you can commit to with ease. Watercolor, Origami, whatever. Don’t think about it too hard- just do it! Nothing like doing something creative to cure the Monday Blues.

4. Try a new food.

Do you have an Instagram? Sure you do, cause you’re probably a millennial if you’re reading this blog. Pick something you’re in the mood for- ramen, ice cream, ramen ice cream- search the hashtag for it- and take a gander at ALLLLL the damn pictures. Yeah, these are real food items, and there’s a very big chance what you’re looking at can be found in the city. I like to pick a random day, maybe a Tuesday evening after work, to just try something different. I promise you, you’ll head home feeling much more zen. Happy belly, happy life!

5. Embrace the noise.

I’m sorry, but it had to be said! There will be many times (many, MANY times) where you just won’t be able to get away from it all. The noise is unavoidable and so are the subway delays. My suggestion is to embrace it. That dude playing his music on the train isn’t going to shut up. While you can’t control what’s going on around you, you have direct control of what’s going on within. Take a moment to be present- hear the noises, distinguish them. What’s going on around you? Did someone just step on your toe? That fucking sucks- but pause. How does it physically feel? Taking a moment to just accept what’s going on and analyzing them allows your brain to just be. It’s definitely a form of meditation, and I think you’re doing yourself a disservice if you don’t try it.

Have you tried any of these suggestions before? Let me know your favorite ways to de-stress!

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